We’ve updated our system behind the scenes which means if you’re an existing Member (before 28th February 2023), you’ll need to reactivate your account online.

Member Benefits at Central Co-op

Enjoy loads of amazing benefits when you join our co-operative - here are some of the most exciting…

Earn points while you shop

Earn points while you shop

Swipe your Membership card every time you’re at the till and you’ll earn points for your shopping - the more points you earn, the more benefits you’ll get! And, once you’re a full Member*, we’ll convert your points into ££’s to spend in store, as part of our Share of the Profits.

Exclusive Member classes and events

Get to know other Members in your community with our local classes. Whether it’s a creative writing course, line dancing lessons or a yoga class, this is a great chance to meet people in your area and learn a new skill while you do it!

Your Share of the Profits

One of our favourites! Our Members get a percentage of the profits we make. Learn more about Share of the Profits here.

Member deals and offers

Throughout the year, we’ll be in touch with our Members with great offers relating to our food, funeral and other services.

Have your say on how we’re run

All our Members are part-owners of our co-operative. This means you can help us make decisions on how we work as a community, whether this be at twice yearly Members meetings, or if you decide to join your local Membership Community Council.

Community funding

Community is a big part of being a co-operative, so our Members will be invited to nominate local causes to receive a grant of up to £3,000. As a Member of your local area, you’ll have a great idea of which schools, charities or local businesses could use a helping hand.

Membership Funeral benefits

We’re passionate about helping our Members with the things that matter most in life. That’s why we have Member benefits if you choose to make your will or purchase a funeral plan through one of our partners.

*Full Membership, with associated democratic rights begins once you hold a £1 share and remain a Member for 6 months thereafter. Full Members can vote on Society matters and apply for community funding. Full terms and conditions can be found at www.members.coop/terms