We’ve updated our system behind the scenes which means if you’re an existing Member (before 28th February 2023), you’ll need to reactivate your account online.

What is Share of the Profits?

Because Central Co-op is a member-run organisation, we aim to return all the support we get. This way, we can all work together to improve our local communities.

Once you’re a full member of our co-operative, you’ll qualify for a share of our profits, when we announce them. Here’s how easy it is…

Step 1: Sign up for a membership account

Step 2: Earn 115 points on your membership card by shopping with us – This will then be converted into pounds and credited to a Central Co-op share account, enabling you to become a full member. (See points guidelines below)

Step 3: Get any points after your initial 115 points converted into pounds onto your card, once our Share of the Profits is announced (usually twice a year)

You might’ve heard this payment described as a membership dividend or e-dividend. We’ll load it onto your member card every time we announce our profits, in multiples of £1*.

How you can earn points in our family of businesses:

  • The Co-operative Food: 1 point for every £1 spent
  • Petrol Stations Fuel: 1 point for every £10 spent
  • The Co-operative Funeralcare: 1 point for every £1

* Share of the Profits will be only paid when the society makes profit. Only amounts over and above your initial £1 will be paid out as dividend in multiples of £1. Any dividend lower than £1 will not be paid out immediately, but instead carried forward to the next qualifying period.

When will I receive my dividend?

If you’ve been a full member for 6 months or more (see steps 1-3 above), you’ll get your dividend (points converted into cash) in June and November every year.

When can I spend my dividend?

You’ll be able to start spending your dividend in store as soon as you receive your notification email. Remember to bring your card, as the payment will be loaded as a balance on your member account.

Can I donate my dividend to charity?

Of course! We work in partnership with the amazing Dementia UK – You can do this by logging into your online account and completing the donate your points form. Or you can contact our membership team on 0800 050 1601.