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Central England Co-op Members’ Meetings

Our Members’ Meetings are a brilliant chance to stay updated on everything your co-operative is doing.

From community funding to bigger-picture business direction, we get together in a number of local member areas to celebrate our successes and plan for the future.

What happens at a Members’ Meeting?

We invite local members to discuss our co-operative’s progress. This includes things like financial results, charity work and investments we’re making. You’ll also be able to vote on things like the partners we work with and how we distribute our profits.

I have a question ahead of the Members’ Meeting. How do I get an answer to it?

We reserve part of every meeting for a Q&A session with members of the board. Here, you’ll get a chance to ask anything you like.

Voting results from Interim and Special Members’ Meetings – October 2019

The below results follow voting at the Society’s Interim and Special Members’ Meetings held between 7 October and 10 October.

Interim Members’ Meeting

Dividend on Member purchases - APPROVED

For 744

Against 8

% in favour 98.9

Political funding - APPROVED

For 559

Against 133

% in favour 80.8

Directors’ remuneration - APPROVED

For 631

Against 63

% in favour 90.9

Click here to read the proposals in full

Special Members’ Meeting

Eligibility to stand for election - APPROVED

For 501

Against 189

% in favour 72.6

Borrowing limit - APPROVED

For 618

Against 47

% in favour 92.9

Click here to read the proposals in full

Meeting Minutes

The minutes from the Interim and Special Meetings can be found here.