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Central England Co-op Interim Members’ Meetings

Over 1,000 people joined us for our online Interim Members’ Meeting on 21 October – but there is still time to catch up if you couldn’t tune in!

The event featured an update about our performance in the past six months and our future plans, as well as a Q and A session and some great videos.

You still have time to watch the meeting in full by clicking on the link below.

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Voting results

Proposed Distribution from Trading Surplus: Member Dividend of 1 penny per point for purchases made 24 January – 7 August 2021

The resolution was passed with 97.6% in favour and 2.4% against.

You said, we did

Thank you, once again, to all our Members who logged on and took part in our Online Interim Members’ Meeting.

As part of the event, we asked Members to submit questions before and during the meeting. We received over 80 individual questions and comments on a wide range of topics.

We have put together an overview of the main themes on which Members asked questions, which can be viewed below. You can also rewatch the Q and A session from the meeting itself here (

Colleagues who asked questions related to working for the Society will receive a personal reply from our HR team.

What are the plans for Members’ Meeting in the future? Will they be in person or a hybrid style event like the most recent one?

We are hopeful of holding regional meetings next year, but we are also mindful of members being unable to attend. This is why we are hopeful of a mix of both in person and streamed events going forward.

Am I able to view the meeting or receive a copy of the minutes?

Yes, members can watch a re-run of the meeting by clicking here (

Can you please provide an update on CEC’s stance in relation to plastics and recycling?

We are currently looking at what we sell and what we use in terms of plastics and are working closely with the Co-operative Group to ensure that where sensible changes can be made, we are making the most of those opportunities.

Carrier bags – we have now phased out single use carrier bags and offer a recyclable bag for life and compostable bags in areas where the Council will accept these into their waste streams

Wrapped veg – this is on the agenda but has to be balanced with the issues of health and hygiene, quality and extended shelf life especially given current health concerns.

Plastic veg bags – we are looking at more sustainable alternatives. Compostable bags would add significant costs and can only be responsibly disposed of in the correct waste
stream which not everyone has access to. Paper bags would increase the carbon impact by around 200%.

The Co-op Brand (led by Co-operative Group) have a number of ambitious plastic targets including that all own-brand packaging will be easy to recycle, and single use plastics will be eliminated from own brand products by 2023. The full list of targets can be found in Co-operative Group’s Future of Food Report.


Recycling continues to be core to our waste reduction efforts. We continue to monitor new technologies and initiatives to enable the highest levels of recycling for both store-based and

We have introduced permanent film recycling points in the majority of our food stores allowing customers to recycle “scrunchable” soft plastics including crisp packets, film lids and wrappers.

We are also keeping a close eye on possible mandating of Deposit Return Facilities in stores.

Is scan and go shopping planned at Central England Co-op?

Yes, we have been trialling this concept in a number of our stores during the past year and have been encouraged by the response. We are continuing to trial it in further stores,
such as Warsop, to assess the potential to rollout further in the near future.

What are the Society’s plans around future development?

We have exciting plans that will help the Society continue to grow during the rest of 2021 and beyond. This past financial year we have completed two new food store openings and 23 store regenerations, with an exciting programme of new stores and regenerations planned during the next year across our trading estate.

Why were there no political reports or update at the meeting?

This is because we only have these kind of reports/updates at our Annual Members’ Meeting.

What do I do if I have an issue with my Membership card?

Any issues should be emailed to or calling 0800 050 1601

Are there any plans to upgrade buildings in an effort to improve energy efficiency?

We already have initiatives such as the installation of new energy efficient refrigeration technologies and LED lighting in place to try and address this issue. However, we do not rest on our laurels and are always looking at more ways to reduce our impact on the environment.

When will we see the announced new Society logo on shop fronts?

We start our roll out programme of new signage early 2022.

What measures do we have in place to protect our delivery drivers from stores?

Our teams are supported with a special security system which is fundamental to our lone working policy. Our teams safety is very important to us and this system helps them feel safe and connected.

Have we ever thought about launching a green burial site?

Yes, we are exploring all opportunities to provide all care needs for our clients, members and communities.

Are there any plans to update Orton Filling Station?

Yes, we have just replaced some of the signage and are looking to see how best to improve the look and offer of the rest of the site for customers and members.

Is there any chance that the Society can put another turning into the Chartwell Road shop?

This is something we couldn’t achieve with the local council but is one for us to have another look at in the future.

We have heard about staff shortages, supply and distribution issues after the government observed the democratic decision of the British public to leave Europe. Britain and this cooperative society now cannot escape from the plain evident truth. Wages earned in this Society do not cover the cost of living for the 37% of the country who do not own their own house.

We are regularly looking into how we reward and pay our colleagues and especially how we continue to maintain the above living wage rates for those in our stores, homes and distribution centres.

What steps are being taken to open a store in the new housing development in Kettering?

We are in several negotiations with property developers on new store estates where retail units are planned. The competition for land is very competitive, but we do have some exiting new stores in the pipeline.