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Dementia UK

With dementia affecting over 850,000 families in the UK, it’s as important as ever for us all to come together to support people whose loved ones are living with the illness.

We’re proud to work in partnership with Dementia UK to give emotional, medical and practical care to the friends, families and loved ones of those living with dementia.

Thanks to the incredible support of our local members and shoppers, we’ve been able to donate more than £1 million to the charity so far. With your continued help, we can keep working together to improve the lives of those affected by dementia.

Donate your points to make a difference

Be a part of something huge by helping us in the fight against dementia. If you’ve received a share of the profits, you can choose to donate it to Dementia UK.

Contact our membership team at members@centralengland.coop if you’d like to join this amazing cause.