We’ve updated our system behind the scenes which means if you’re an existing Member (before 28th February 2023), you’ll need to reactivate your account online.

What period does this Share of the Profits cover?

November 2022’s Share of the Profits will give eligible Members a dividend for any points earned between 23 January 2022 and 6 August 2022 (inclusive). These points have been converted to pounds at a rate of 1 point = 1p as voted on by Members at our Interim Members’ Meeting in October.

How many points do I earn in each Central Co-op area of business?

Food 1 Point for every £1 Spend

Fuel 1 Point for every £10 Spend

Funeral 1 Point for every £1 Spend

Florist 1 Point for every £1 Spend

Tenancy 1 Point for every £1 Spend

What do I need to earn to qualify for a pay out/dividend?

The first 100 points earned for new Members will be converted to £1 and credited to a share account to entitle you to Membership. Points earned over and above this initial 100 will be stored on your account and once you exceed 100 points, we will pay a dividend.

Why am I not receiving my dividend in full?

All dividends are paid in multiples of £1 – eg if you earn 174 points, this will be converted to £1.74. You will be paid the £1 but the 74p will be carried forward to the next qualifying period.

Will I receive notification?

Members who have earned 100 points or more within the qualifying period will receive notification of the Share of the Profits by email or by post.

Will I receive my Share of the Profits by email or post?

We encourage paperless where possible so we email Members who have an email address on their Membership account. We write to those who do not have an email address. If you are not due to receive a dividend, you will be notified via a till statement.

I want to stop receiving paper vouchers, can I go paperless?

How will I know if I am due to receive a payout?

You can track points and dividends on your online account.

Why has my points balance reset to zero?

We begin preparations for the Share of the Profits payout in January and August each year, so during these 2 months, your points balance will reset to zero but your points are stored in your account and have not been lost or erased.

Where can I spend my Central Co-op Share of the Profits dividend?

Dividend will be automatically loaded on your Central Co-op Membership card and can only be spent in Central Co-op businesses. There is always a notice on or near the door of each outlet to let you know which Co-operative you’re visiting. Find your nearest store here.

When do I get a dividend payout?

We pay out dividend twice a year to qualifying Members, in June and November/December. The Membership points you have earned are converted to a monetary value.

The qualifying period for a payout in June is the prior August to January.

The qualifying period for a payout in November/December is the prior January to August.

I have spent money in another Co-operative but do not think I have received points for the purchase?

Central Co-op purchases

Only transactions made within Central Co-op businesses appear at the top of your statement under Food, Floral, Funeral and Others.

Payments from other Co-operatives

On your statement, if you have earned points with transactions made at other Co-operative societies, these will appear as a lump sum on your statement as ‘payments from other Co-operatives’, and are NOT itemised.

What does ‘other’ mean on my statement?

‘Other’ includes purchases recorded manually by head office. For example, when customer services have added points from a recent receipt, or it may also refer to tenancy points if a Member rents or used to rent a property owned by Central Co-op.

I booked a holiday with Co-op travel, will I earn points?

Co-op travel belongs to Midcounties Co-op. Central Co-op Members can earn points on travel booked through Midcounties Co-op. Any queries regarding travel bookings should be directed to Midcounties Co-op.

I want to book travel with my dividend but have no Midcounties Co-op travel branches in my area.

You cannot use your Central Co-op dividend in a Midcounties Co-op travel branch. You can either exchange your Central Co-op dividend for a cheque, or if not applicable, you will need to visit one of our Central Co-op stores to spend the dividend.

Can you help with my query regarding power/energy points earned?

The energy company associated with Co-op is owned by Midcounties Co-op. Please direct any queries regarding energy to Midcounties Co-op.

I am unable to get to a Central Co-op store to spend my dividend. Is there an alternative option?

Members will benefit most from being a Member of their local and most frequently used Co-operative food store. This will be most convenient for you. If you are unable to spend your dividend, please contact Central Co-op customer services.

I can't see my points on the bottom of my receipts?

We only print the points that you have earned in that specific transaction. Points balances can be seen on our website when you log into your online account.

How do I add a receipt on if I forgot to hand over my card?

Take your receipt and your card into your local Central Co-op store and they will be able to add the points on for you. Alternatively email it to members@centralengland.coop with your Membership number. Only qualifying products will earn points.

What vouchers are being issued with the Share of the Profits?

There will be a variety of vouchers included with your Share of the Profits email or letter. These are tailored to each individual Member and cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.

Terms and conditions are on the back of the voucher or can be found online at; www.members.coop/sotp-terms

Vouchers can only be used in a Central Co-op store and not with any other Co-operative society.

Can I spend my dividend and use my vouchers on Call and Collect?

Yes you can. Please advise the Member of staff when you make the call to order.

I rent a property owned by Central Co-op. Can I receive points?

I rent a property but haven’t received any dividend?

To begin earning points, please email us your property details and Membership number.

Two of my family members have accounts partnered together, who has access to the dividend?

There will be a lead Member on the account and that lead person will have access to the dividend.

Can I use my Central Co-op Membership card in other Co-operative society stores?

Your Membership card can be used in any Co-operative outlet that displays the Membership honeycomb sticker on the door of the premises. You will not necessarily get the same benefits or a dividend as it depends on which Co-operative you are visiting.

The number is different on my new card than on my old one. Why is this?

This is because we don’t issue duplicate Membership numbers or cards. If you require a replacement card your number will be different every time. Points from old cards are automatically transferred over to the new card.

Can I have a duplicate card on my Central Co-op Membership account?

We issue a key fob with your Membership card which removes the need for two cards, however the card and fob must be used by the named Member only.

Where can I update my share book and also put money in and take money out of my account?

This is only done by posting the book and a covering letter to head office. There may be a requirement to send in photo ID and proof of address – please call the Membership Team to check 0800 0501601

I have two Membership cards, which one should I be using?

If you have two Central Co-op Membership cards we will have to establish which one would be better for you to use and we can suspend the one you do not use. Please call our team with the details or email us at members@centralengland.coop

Can I give my colleague partner card to a family member/friend at a different address?

No. The colleague partner card can only be used by somebody who lives within your household.

My Central Co-op purchase is not included in my dividend?

If the purchase took place within the qualifying period and you believe this is missing from your statement, forward a copy of the receipt to customer services at our head office.

What should I do if I have received a letter for a deceased relative?

Please return the letter to us using the address on the envelope and include a cover letter. If possible, can you add a note to the envelope to say ‘no longer at address’.

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