We’ve updated our system behind the scenes which means if you’re an existing Member (before 28th February 2023), you’ll need to reactivate your account online.

Frequently Asked Questions

My Membership card has been lost or stolen

If you have lost your Membership card, you can log in to your account and request a new one here. Alternatively, you can download our App and add your card to your digital wallet. For any further enquiries, please fill in the contact form on our website.

Where can I use my Central Co-op Membership card?

You can use your Central Co-op card in any of our family of Central Co-op businesses and the easiest way to do this is to check our store locator to find our Central Co-op businesses.

How do I know what type of Co-op Membership card I have?

There are many Co-operatives within the UK and each one operates independently of one another. We all share Co-operative values and the ‘Co-op’ branded products available in our stores, but we are separate businesses.

If you are a Central Co-op Member, you’ll see the name ‘Central England Co-operative’ printed on the front of your Membership card, beneath your name.

How do I know if my nearest store is a Central Co-op store?

To find your nearest Central Co-op store, if you use our store finder, we’ll only present you with Central Co-op stores in the search results, so if you see a store listed, you can be sure it’s a Central Co-op store you’ll be visiting.

What is Share of the Profits?

If you’re a Central Co-op Member, you’ll already have a £1 share in the business or you may be earning points which will be converted into your £1 share. Once you own the £1 share, you are a full Member and this means you can have a say in how we’re run and you are eligible to earn a share of our profits. When we payout a share of our profits to our Members, we close the distribution window so that your points reset and if you have earned enough points to qualify, we convert these points into a monetary value and add this as a dividend to your Membership card. Any unspent points are carried over to the next payout so you will not lose them.

You can spend your e-dividend in any of our family of businesses.

Click to see more information on Share of the Profits.

What is a distribution period for Share of the Profits?

A distribution period is a window of time in which to earn points when shopping with us and then be rewarded for those points.

How do I get my Share of the Profits?

Only points earned once you own your £1 share will be converted to a dividend and paid out in dividend in multiples of £1. Any residual points not converted into your dividend, will be carried forward to the next distribution period.

What happens to my points balance?

When we are preparing for the pay out, we record your points earned, and your points balance is then reset, ready to earn towards the next pay out.

Where can I spend my Share of the Profits e-dividend?

Your dividend will be automatically loaded on your Central Co-op Membership card twice a year and can only be spent in Central Co-op businesses. You can redeem your dividend as full or part payment towards your shop and you can also do this at self-check outs. Simply scan your Membership card.

Find your nearest store here

How many points have I earned on my Central Co-op Membership card?

One of our great Member benefits is being able to earn points by making a purchase in any of our Central Co-op family of businesses.

To check your balance, log into your account.

I’ve shopped in another Co-operative, but don’t think I’ve earned any points. How can I check?

Any points that you’ve earned in other Co-op stores will appear in your Share of the Profits statement. If this is missing from your statement, you can contact our Membership team. Please note, these points can take up to 12 months to appear.

I forgot to scan my card when I last shopped. Can I still earn points?

Don’t worry – You can still claim your points within three months from the date of purchase. These points cannot be added online.

Take your receipt and show your Membership card at your local Central Co-op store and they will be able to add the points on for you. Alternatively, email it to members@centralengland.coop with your Membership number. Only qualifying products will earn points.

Can I have more information on my Member Share Account?

The full terms and conditions of your Member Share Account can be found here

Here are the interest rates payable on share accounts:

Balances Previous Rate

New Rate, from 8th October 2023

< £9.99 0% 0%
£10 - £99.99 1.0% 1.0%
£100 - £499.99 1.50% 3.0%
£500 - £4999.99 2.00% 3.50%
£5,000 - £100,000 2.50% 4.00%

For more information on your Member Share Account, please contact our Membership team on 0800 050 1601

How long does it take for my temporary card points to show on my account?

If you have recently joined Central Co-op Membership and you added your temporary card details, it can take up to 8 weeks for the points you had earned on your temporary card to transfer to your new Membership account.

Can I order a new key fob?

Key fobs can only be supplied with new cards so if we issue a new key fob, it will mean issuing a new card. If we issue a new card, this would cancel your existing card. With the launch of our new App, now available to download, you get a digital Membership card or if you choose, you can add this to your apple or google wallet so you will always have your Membership card close by.

Can I have Co-op Membership cards for more than one Co-operative society?

It is beneficial for customers to have a Membership card for which ever Co-op you shop at, especially the Co-op you use most frequently. You can have a card for multiple Co-operatives if you choose to. The points you earn on your Central Co-op Membership card are converted to a dividend when we share our trading surplus, but this dividend can only be used in Central Co-op businesses.

They cannot be used in Midcounties Co-op, The Co-operative Group or any other Co-operative that is not Central Co-op. You cannot transfer points between different Co-operative Membership societies. Each Co-op operates independently.

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