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Eco Village in Market Harborough | Central England Co-operative Membership Blog

Eco Village in Market Harborough

Date Published: 25/09/2020 | Blog category: Southern

The Southern MCC were excited to hear about a new Eco Village in Market Harborough and went along this week to take a look. The Village is made up of a number of concessions selling local organic produce, beers, wines and ciders, and there is also a refilling station which covers most store cupboard essentials.  There are plants, soaps, make-up, clothes, toys, stationery, gifts and a cafe.  There is also a new community space and members of the Eco Village are looking to expand the use with a variety of groups from the local community.  Once it is up and running, we have expressed an interest in setting up an educational member group on food, recycling or the environment.