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Members swap Keep Fit Classes for Walking | Central England Co-operative Membership Blog

Members swap Keep Fit Classes for Walking

Date Published: 24/08/2020 | Blog category: Southern

Members from our Keep Fit Group have not only been missing their weekly classes - they have been missing each other!  During the lock-down they had been staying in touch by creating a Whatsapp Group to share photographs of gardens, weekly quizzes and riddles and stories etc.  They were missing each other so much that as soon as the lock-down restrictions were eased they were quick to organise a weekly walk at different beauty spots around Leicester.  Maria Lee, Board Director and a member of the Keep Fit class, and I joined them last Friday for a lovely walk around Brocks Hill Country Park.  I enjoyed catching up with our members and hearing about how important exercise and seeing the friends that they had made through the class is to them.  It was a very windy day but this wasn't going to deter this group of members from seeing each other!