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Loving the outdoor learning at New Mill Community Garden | Central Co-op Membership Blog

Loving the outdoor learning at New Mill Community Garden

Date Published: 31/08/2023 | Blog category: Northern

An annual event at the New Mill Community Garden saw over 180 children/parents and grandparents taking part.  

Activities were provided by the gardeners and included potting plants, bird watching and trails looking for insects and butterflies;  Riverholme provided bird box making and many other interactive programmes; fairandfunky provided a scrap that plastic workshop and smoothie making.  The Yorkshire Membership & Community Council provided potato printing which was a great hit and games including fairtrade snakes and ladders, colouring and healthy eating options.

Thanks to the church for providing facilities and the community garden for all their hard work in keeping the gardens to such a fantastic standard.  The children were able to wonder around and have a lovely day learning new things about nature and habitats in a safe environment.  

At the end all the families received Co-op sandwiches, cakes & drinks and sat and had a community picnic.  The event has got bigger every year and it is a great opportunity for families to have a free day out during the summer holidays.